Mazda Dog Ring Transmission


Radial TSL


Barrington Performance manufactures a dog ring transmission for the Mazda RX-7 and Mazda Miata. Our transmissions are in National winning and track record holding cars.


Some of the features:

>Stock appearing from the outside.

> 100% direct bolt-in, using standard trans mount, driveshaft, throw-out bearing & arm, and slave cylinder.

>o-ring sealed cases.

>Re-designed shift pattern for faster & easier shifts.

> 5-speed with 4 usable track gears, a pit gear and reverse.

>Uses readily available Hewland & Webster MK series hubs, dog rings, & gears.

> No weleded drive components. All splined gears, hubs, and dog rings. All drive gears running on needle bearings.

> Over 25 different gear ratios.





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